History of the Order of Eastern Star

Prince Hall Rite of Adoption

Jurisdiction of the State of California

The Order of the Eastern Star Degree was conferred upon Brother Robert J. Fletcher in the year 1871 by a Deputy from the state of New York, a Mrs. Leggett, Commissioned by the Illustrious Robert McCoy 33rd degree, Supreme Patron of the Order, who was residing in the city of New York. Power and authority were granted to Brother Fletcher to confer Degrees and to establish Chapters of the Order of Eastern Star, among the Colored Mason. The first persons upon whom the Degrees were conferred were, Emma E. Fletcher, Elizabeth Gibson, Nathaniel Christopher, William H. Ross, John H. Wilson, Edward Hatton,  A.E. Farrel and  Letha Bailey.

Past Grand Worthy Matrons
Past Grand Worthy Patrons

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