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Vivian M. Kelly/Pearl M. Sterling Breast Cancer Committee

Under the leadership of Sis. Pearl Sterling, Sis. Betty Alexander, Sis. Mariah Guerra, and  Sis. Jerri Burton, the Breast Cancer Committee raises money for Breast Cancer Research and needed items for children suffering with Cancer


Grand Parents of Second Parents

Under the leadership of Sis. Rachel Smith and Sis. Katrina Pipkin ,the GASP Committee assist Grandparents that have taken custody of their

grandchildren.  The support given has been financial, food, and currently the committee is working on a bike drive.


Alzheimer’s disease 

Under the leadership of Sis. Estella Johnson and Sis. W. Dean Woods the Alzheimer's committee raises money to donate towards research on Alzheimer's disease.  Also with our maturing population education is provided to our members and communities.

Save Black Boys.jpg

Save Black Boys

Under the leadership of Sis. Nicole Thomas and Sis. Traci Hamilton, the Save Black Boys committee raises money and volunteers time at the Save Black Boys location in Compton California.  This organization supports  young boys of color academically and mentally to become excellent members of society.  

Sicle Cell.jpg

Sickle Cell

Under the leadership of Sis. Tracey M. Harris and Sis. Debra Jennings, the Sickle Cell committee raises money for research and care services for those suffering with Sickle Cell disease.  

Domestic Violence.jpg

Domestic Violence

Under the leadership of Sis. Janice Mustin and Terra Washington. the Domestic Violence committee raises money to  offer monetary donations, clothes, toiletries,  and other items for clients who are fleeing compromising situations require.  Education is also provided to our youth program around the topic of domestic violence.


Under the leadership of Sis. Anitra Holmes and Sis. Tracey Nunziato, money for AIDs and HIV research is raised.  The preferred research is that which  deceases the number of new cases and increase the number of years people live with HIV



Under the leadership of Sis. Linda Anderson-Mack and Sis. Mercedes Briley monies for NAACP are raised to donate to NAACP to facilitate their scholarship programs and assist with the protection of rights for persons of color.

Under the leadership of Sis. Jean Campbell and Sis. Sherry Brantley, the Blood Bank and Bone Marrow committee raises money for supplies. 

We also encourage our members to became donors.

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