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Golden State Grand Youth Fraternity History


The Golden State Grand Chapter felt the need for a youth department at the Forty-Second Annual Grand  Communication that convened in Vallejo, California in June 1923. Under the Supervision of Aline J. Houston, Grand Worthy Matron and James G. Edmonds, Grand Worthy  Patron, there the Youth Fraternity was created. 


For several years the youth stayed in homes during their Grand Youth Session. Soon the youth membership exceeded home accommodations and larger facilities were needed. 


Under the leadership of dedicated supervision, the youth have enjoyed rapid growth through the years. The membership today is in excess of two hundred fifty. 

-Our Principles- 

To provide good citizenship and a way of life for youth today and teach them to be courteous and kind at all times. 

-Our Purpose- 

To build character, to strengthen Christian principles, to train for leadership, and to encourage higher education to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. 

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